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Special doors

Your safety and security in emergencies is our top priority. That's why we offer special fire doors that are properly selected to ensure a long service life and are ready to be used in an emergency.

Fire doors are specially designed and manufactured to withstand high temperatures and protect you from the effects of fire. We use high quality materials and technology to ensure high fire resistance and safety.

Our fire doors are tailored to meet your specific needs and standards. They can be equipped with a fire-resistant lock, an automatic closer and other safety features that provide effective protection. We also offer a variety of designs and sizes to suit your space and aesthetic requirements.

Our fire doors are reliable and tested to ensure your safety in emergency situations. They are designed for private homes, commercial premises or other facilities where safety is a priority. We can help you choose the right fire door to meet your specific requirements and ensure safety in any situation.

Interior doors ZK 1 Hormann
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Soundproofing doors Jeld-Wen Sound 201DB
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Moisture resistant doors Jeld-Wen Bath 201RVK
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Moisture resistant doors Jeld-Wen Bath 1RVK
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Moisture resistant doors Jeld-Wen Bath 41RVK
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Fireproof doors Jeld-Wen FIRE 810 W2
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Soundproofing doors Jeld-Wen 41DB
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Fireproof doors T30 H8-5 Hormann
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Soundproofing doors Jeld-Wen 1DB
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Fireproof doors T30 EI30 Hormann
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Fireproof doors Jeld-Wen FIRE 810
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