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Cembrit EuroFala cement sheet, grey

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EuroFala are liquid cement sheets which are mainly used for covering roofs or facades of different buildings. Corrugated sheets can be used as a roof cover if roof slope is no less than 12⁰. Corrugated sheets Eurofala can be used both in construction of new buildings and repairs. The sheet is made from cement, chalk, PVC fiber, cellulose, micro sand.

Thikness of sheet: 6 mm
Weight: 11.7 kg/m2
Weight per sheet: 25.3 kg
m2 in a sheet: 2.16
Useful m2: 1.79
Sheets of two profiles are available: Standard and CO/HO

It is possible to ask about the second sizes:

  • 625 х 1150 mm
  • 1250 х 1150 mm
  • 1875 х 1150 mm
  • 2500 х 1150 mm
Manufacturer: CEMBRIT
Price: 4.07 € / sheet
Quantity:  sheet