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IKO bitumen roof shingle ArmourShield

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ArmourShield shingle for residential and industrial buildings with a slope from 15o to 90o. Technologically improved self-adhesive bitumen shingle. The cover facture of this high value bitumen shingle reminds of bee cells. Glass fiber basis covered with a special bitumen layer provides a long term protection. ArmourShield shingle is made from a soaked glass base which has been processed with an oxidized bitumen from both sides. A layer of adhesive has been applied to the bottom with a removable tape over it. Warranty: 20 years.

- Length – 1000 mm (+/- 3)
– Width – 318 mm (+/- 3)
– Weight (slope >25) – 9.4 kg/m2
– Coverage/pack – 3m2
– Sheets/Pack – 22
– Packs/Pallet – 42

Manufacturer: IKO