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The foamed polystyrene sheets TENAPORS NEO are a thermal insulation material with improved insulating properties which make it possible to reduce the thickness of an insulating layer by up to 20% compared to conventional white foam polystyrene. TENAPORS NEO sheets are silver-grey coloured because they contain graphite which considerably increases thermal insulation efficiency ratios. The small graphite particles either reflect or absorb the infrared radiation, thus reducing heat loss considerably. Foamed polystyrene products used in the construction industry serve as an efficient thermal insulation material with
multiple uses.
Complies with ETAG 004 requirements!

Polystyrene sheets are used as thermal insulation materials in construction:

  • For the walls
  • For floors
  • For roofs
  • For other structures

Technical data

  • Fire reaction class E class
  • Sizes 1000×500* mm
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient ≤0,032 W/m*K
  • Compression tensions - It is not recommended to use in load bearing structures
  • Tensile strength ≥70 kPa
  • Long-term water absorption ≤3,5%
Avaliable sizes
  • 50x500x1000 mm (12 sheets / pack, 6,0 m2 / pack)
  • 100x500x1000 mm (6 sheets / pack, 3,0 m2 / pack)
  • 150x500x1000 mm (4 sheets / pack, 2,0 m2 / pack)
It is also possible to order TENAPORS NEO EPS80, EPS100 and EPS150. Prices on request.

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