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Foamed polystyrene sheets TENAPORS EXTRA

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Foamed polystyrene sheets TENAPORS EXTRA are
an eco-friendly, inexpensive and efficient insulation
material used in construction, namely, for thermal
insulation of enclosing structures of buildings. They are
particularly advisable for high-humidity locations such
as underground structures of buildings (basements,
foundations, floors) and supporting structures.
TENAPORS EXTRA sheets are produced in a molding
press by thermally expanding pre-foamed polystyrene
beads. The sheets may be continuously used as a
thermal insulation material at ambient temperatures of
up to +80°C.
Type of sheet edges: Half-lap joint

λD = 0.034 W/mK
Сompressive strength = 150 kPa

80x600x1200 mm
5 sheet/pack
3.60 m2/paсk

Manufacturer: TENAPORS