Aerated concrete block TexoBLOCK CLASSIC 300

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TexoBLOCK CLASSIC is used to build bearing, inner and external walls, using extra heat insulation material. These blocks are made of aerated concrete with average dry density of 500 kg/m³ and compressing strength fb=3,5 Н/mm², which, according to all construction standards, allows to build bearing walls from the lower layer to 3 floors. Owing to their light weight and durability, they are oſten used for filling walls in tall skeleton-type buildings. CLASSIC blocks are 1st grade wall blocks, they correspond to all requirements of the harmonized standard and have a marking. Owing to the smooth and rectangular shapes of the blocks, they are placed on a special thin-layer glue. On the butt ends of the block there are a groove/a tongue, as well as cavities for hands. All this allows placing a block correctly, smoothly and easily.


300x250x600 mm
1,44 m3/pal.

Manufacturer: TEXOBLOCK
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